01 June 2015

Update 31st May 15

In April we introduced the 'water pump project' in partnership with ASAM & YWAM missions. We’ve now got these irrigation pumps operating in 3 villages and this looks like it has the potential to become a huge success. These foot treadle pumps can lift water vertically up to 7 metres and distribute it up to 54 metres.

The concept is - interested groups have to form an 'association' to manage the operation of the pump and the farm. They must agree by contract to create a community garden where they can grow vegetables which will supplement their diet and provide income through selling the surplus. 10% of this produce must provide for widows and orphans in the village. The pump will enable them to continue growing healthy vegetable crops through the dry season – exciting new possibilities.

We provide the first lot of seed, then they will keep seed from plants grown for future planting. To avoid problems associated with 'giving' stuff – we retain ownership of the pumps and if they fail to fulfil the agreed conditions of their contract, we may give the pump to another community. Pray that their enthusiasm for this concept will be sustained.

The Ag team arrive in Luawe village with the first irrigation pump in the delta.

We instructed them how to reinforce the sides of their wells to stop the sand perpetually caving in.

Several in the community (including mamas) – chosen by the 'association', are instructed how to disassemble, reassemble, service and repair the pump.

The first ever pump irrigation in the delta and their new community garden. Still a work in progress, but an exciting day.

Water under pressure is a new concept. By the time everyone had finished squirting each other, the well was dry! They still have work to do to deepen it.

This pump is beside the Zambezi river at Luabo. Previously they had to lift buckets by hand up this 7 metre bank to irrigate the orphanage garden. Crocs are a good motivation not to fall in!

Jannie’s orphanage garden by the Zambezi helps feed 22 kids. Previously irrigated by carrying buckets of water from the river.

Thank you.

Dean and Kaylene for the Mercy Air team.

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