10 June 2015

Update 7th June 15

In our May outreach to the Zambezi Delta, we flew 163 flights into 23 different villages. While the new irrigation pumps project seems like the highlight, we also did 5 medevacs. One of them a 55 year old man, Armando Joni. Emaciated and incapacitated for 2 weeks with a huge, rapidly growing abscess on his liver. He is making a remarkable recovery and now staying with his son near Marromeu while he recovers.

The village of Molicholo continues to welcome the Bible teaching program very enthusiastically. Large numbers of people continue to meet with each visit and engage in intelligent question asking and learning. Pray this will continue.

In pain and barely able to move for 2 weeks with a huge, rapidly growing  abscess on his liver

With a hastily constructed stretcher, friends carried Armando 25 minutes to the helicopter.

At Marromeu hospital, they drained over 2 litres of fluid out of the abscess. Within days he was up and about. With anti-biotics Armando is well on his way to recovery.

The new treadle irrigation pump being put to use at Nensa.

Everyone wants to have a go!

Time for small group discussions at the village of Molicholo. This place is amazing! They stand out amongst other villages where we have worked.
Thank you,

Dean and Kaylene for the Mercy Air team

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