15 June 2015

Update 15th Jun 15

At the 'new' village of Nhacapale. People won’t  travel 5km to the nearest health centre because of the very real danger of crocs where they must cross the river.
While mums bring their children for vaccination and the medical team do consultations and wound care – many men of the village sit around the local distillery drinking. This is their 'still' for brewing alcohol from sugar cane.
Julio – the old man, too weak to walk, was wheeled to us on the back of a bike.
15 year old Aozolina, in great pain,  being carried to the helicopter by her mum.
Aozolina suffers from epilepsy. During a seizure, she had rolled into the cooking fire and had severe burns down her back, neck & head. These burns were weeks old and badly infected. Due to isolation and ignorance, her family had not sought medical help for her. She is now at Marromeu hospital receiving treatment.
Thank you.

Dean and Kaylene for the Mercy Air team

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