26 July 2015

Update 26th Jul 15

Kaylene and the ed team have been teaching them things which have purpose in their life. Here each of the kids had their height measured and they wrote it by their name. This is preparing them for the time we can get ID cards issued for them.
A name is your identity. Many of these children didn’t even know their names previously. They are so proud of their efforts.
Some of the 'school uniforms' may not pass inspection.
Tomasi has only used chalk and blackboard once before. There is some amazing potential in some of these kids if they only had opportunity.
School’s out. Time to pack everything away in the heli...
 . . . and head home.
Thank you.
Dean and Kaylene for the Mercy Air team 

15 July 2015

Update 15th Jul 15

This was how their patch looked when we started back in May.
With some of this . . .
 . . . they produced this!
Dominga – one of the girls on the team, recently completed studies in agriculture and was able to pass on to the Luawe association improved methods for planting which enabled them to triple the number of plants per square metre when using irrigation!
Once shown, it was then their turn to do it themselves.
Unfortunately, the local bugs are also enjoying the new menu, so we are desperately trying to locate an insecticide that they can use to control this to ensure the success of the project.
Thank you.

Dean and Kaylene for the Mercy Air team.