27 May 2015

Update 24th May 15

One of our highlights is taking people back to their village with restored health following a medevac. One week after we brought out little Akimo, hanging onto life by a thread, we took him and his mum back to their village of Nkonde. A week of malaria treatment and care has restored this little guy’s life.

This last week has been Government vaccination campaign. I’ve taken 2 teams from 2 provincial hospitals into 4 villages most days and vaccinated over 4,000 women and children.
Plus, I did another 3 medevacs this week.

The bible teaching program in the village of Malicholo continues with increasing interest from folks each day. 78 people gathered on Thursday to watch the team role play the story of Noah and then break into small groups for discussion. There are a few educated people in this village and it seems to function well. They are asking for schooling. Pray that we will know how best to engage with this village. 

Government vaccination campaign week. Hundreds turned out in many villages.

The start of the rice harvest. An exciting time for many.

The story of Noah being acted out for an enthusiastic Moslem audience in the village of Molicholo.

Little Akimo arrived home fit and well after a week.

This is why access is so difficult in the delta. The area is riddled with these.
Medevac of 45 year old Virginia with a huge cancerous growth on her leg.

Kids pull their weight around here.
Thank you.

Dean & Kaylene for the Mercy Air team

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