04 May 2015

Update 4th May 15

Our heli medical outreaches in Southern Moz last week went really well. The new senior doctor at the provincial hospital who coordinates medical teams from the various (four) district health centres, is trying hard to utilise the helicopter well. This time I was able to take two separate teams from two neighbouring districts into two different locations each on the same day, thus we were able to cover four villages some days. I wish some of his healthcare workers were equally as motivated!

Pray that he will remain in this position (they often seem to get moved around) and we will continue to enjoy good relationships and understanding with him.

Some mother should start a book 'how to get your kids to take medicine'!

The new school room at Tsolombane.

Some villages are so small, to save setting up, they just use the heli step for consulting.

Hard to believe that these . . .

. . .  soon grow into these. Life is hard out here.
Thank you

Dean and Kaylene for the Merecy Air team

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