20 May 2015

Update 17th May 15

There’s no evidence that the political situation mentioned last week has deteriorated past talk, however there are rumblings and fear in the villages out in the delta.

The bible teaching program was initiated in a new village this week [Malocholo]. It turns out they were very receptive to the Bible teaching program and want more! Please pray this will continue well.

When I dropped Kaylene and the education team in the village of Nkonde, we were pursued by a woman pleading for help with a semi-conscious 3 year old – Akimo. He’d been in this state for 3 days and having convulsions. He was in advanced stages of malaria. We flew him to Marromeu hospital where Leanna was not optimistic he would make it through the night. It took some time to get an IV into him, but yesterday he had 'turned the corner' and we are hopeful he may have a future.

Kaylene has the pleasure of teaching not just kids. Some have a few years of schooling.

Lots of kids are absent from school. They spend hours each day in these little watch towers frightening off birds by bashing tin cups together. The rice is nearly ready for harvest.

Gloria holding little Akimo - explaining his symptoms. Maria takes time to pray first.

Ali on the satellite phone describes Akimo’s symptoms to Leanna back at Marromeu.

Little Akimo totally unresponsive in his Dad’s arms at the helicopter.

Nurse Leanna meets us at the helipad back at Marromeu and takes 3 yr old Akimo [and mum Torina] to hospital.
Thank you.

Dean and Kaylene for the Mercy Air team.

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