29 March 2015

Update 29th March 15 Rampa Baptism

We are back up in the Zambezi – great to be here. The new helicopter is going great and such a bonus to have the extra seat (pilot plus sixpassengers) and extra power. Even in these hot conditions, it hauls out seven people and a good load without a gasp.
It’s been good to get back out into some of the villages on the delta with medical clinics – the first time for months with the interruption of flood relief in Jan/Feb. The effects of the rains are evident in many places, even to the extent of some crops not being harvested due to too much rain having ruined them.

Today was a very special day at the village of Rampa. I mentioned in earlier news about the very successful church planting work there. Today 26 people were baptized. Baptism here is a special show of your faith . . .  as the place they were baptized is crocodile country! They all came out smiling.

Those wanting to be baptised are encouraged to burn their emulates - witch doctor charms tied to them as a baby.

A 30 minute walk to where there is water deep enough to baptise . . .

...past mechoerwa grain left rotting in the fields due to too much rain...

.  . . to the tidal inlet where the Zambezi meets the Indian Ocean. Water the colour of coffee and full of lurking crocs!

OK – who will be first?

The group who were baptised today and some of the YWAM team who taught them about God over the past two years.

First communion.
Thank you.

Dean and Kaylene for the Mercy Air team.

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