22 March 2015

Mercy Air Picnic

In an attempt to better represent ourselves in the local community and raise the awareness of what Mercy Air actually does, we organised a 'picnic' at a local centre just outside White River. People were invited to come and view the aircraft and meet the staff. Local resturants sold food and there were a number of supporting events and competitions as well as live music.
The Kodiak was made for tight awkward strips like this.
The old road is now the airstrip.
Dean positions the new helicopter.
Quest Kodiak.
Two helis and a fixed wing.
People looking rounf the aircraft.
People took the oportunity to get on the aircraft and have their pictures taken.
Finding out about the Kodiak.
Matthias explains some aspects of the helicopter.

There was a paper aeroplane competition for the farthest distance as well as for the longest endurance.
Briefing before the winners have a flip in the helicopter.
Thank you

The Mercy Air team

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