19 February 2013

Kodiak Ferry Update - The Long Road to Freedom

Not quite the right title but Mercy Air's new Kodiak will begin it's 'Long Flight to Africa' very soon.
Technically the journey started a year ago when the aircraft was flown from Germany to the USA for a refit and upgrades, but now the final preparations are being made to fly it across the Atlantic to it's new home in South Africa.

Ron has recently been working on fitting ferry fuel tanks whilst John flew out last week from South Africa to assist him. Yesterday (18th Feb) they managed to get the autopilot hold problems sorted out and took it for a test flight and today (19th Feb) they started the 100 hour inspection.

Here's a pic of the plane being worked on in the hanger in Michigan.
We'll keep you updated on this blog.

Thank you

Mercy Air team

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