26 February 2013

Kodiak Ferry Update 5

Today better weather allowed West Michigan to regain some sense of normality again, although Kansas is being hit very hard right now with very heavy snow falls. They don't often have snow so things are rather chaotic as I tried to phone Garmin in Kansas for some assistance with out G1000 databases. An answering machine answered and said that they were unable to help due to "inclement weather". What they really meant was that nobody was able to get to work!

We got a full days work in and the 100 hr inspection has been completed according to the Quest maintenance manual!! We just have engine runs to do and 2 or 3 small inspections for tomorrow. We did come across a problem with the chip detector, which seems to have been wired incorrectly and will not annunciate in the cockpit. Not a serious problem, but it does mean that somehow we need to get it fixed under warranty, otherwise we need to pay someone to do it in SA. We did get excellent help trouble shooting this problem from Quest, and we now know where the problem lies. We had the cowlings on and had to remove them all when the Quest avionics guy phoned, so they all had to come off again. All part of the job!

We completed the day with 2 passenger seats installed, the ferry tank installed behind them and basically ready to do engine runs tomorrow and hopefully fly it again this weekend. Our plan is to fly to New Jersey to a place where the ferry tank installation will be completed and then on to Bangor Maine, where we will have the HF radio installed. Weather permitting we will most likely be on our way sometime next week from Maine!

Enjoy this Laurel and Hardy movie with no sound.


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