26 February 2013

Kodiak Ferry Update 3

Hi All,

Western Michigan is again in the grip of a large winter storm again. Today this storm caused massive disruption all across the western parts of the state. Rain prior to the snow falls caused very icy roads, accidents were plentiful, schools were closed all over the place and just moving from A to B became a major challenge.

Ron left early this morning for a trip to Grand Rapids for an oral exam with the FAA to renew his IA. He drove all the way in this weather on treacherous roads. He passed the test and made the trip safely. I did not go to the hangar this morning to start the 100hr inspection simply because of the weather. Ron and I drove ithe 20 miles to the airport shortly after lunch when the snow had abated a little. We just had time to go through some paperwork and get our planning for tomorrow's work.
The picture above is of our drive home where virtually all the roads are almost not visible despite snow ploughs working overtime today. Visibility is limited and driving is dangerous. All this very new to me, but it all becomes very tiring just to get simple things done.
For Ron, getting his IA renewed was another major job ticked off. I spent the time today arranging all the correct navigation databases and approach plates for our route of flight, purchased and downloaded read for installation in the Kodiak.

Hopefully we can get some better weather tomorrow to get the 100 hr properly under way.


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