03 October 2016

Update 3rd October 2016

During our last outreach in the Zambezi delta, Nita came to the medical clinic with severe burns to her right hand. During an epileptic seizure, she had fallen in a fire. Her hand was burned so badly that the flesh was gone from her 'pinky' and bare bone was exposed. It’s amazing the pain and misery that people live with just because they have no other option. Joel flew her back to Marromeu hospital. She has been referred to Beira hospital for surgery.

Kaylene often spends days before outreaches driving around Nelspruit (a bigger town about 25 minutes drive from here) buying up electrical, plumbing, medical supplies or car parts for the teams we partner with in Mozambique.

Joel’s dad Kurt, who is an electrician, putting his skills to work at Mamoli mission.

Salomao – dental technician, teaching kids about dental hygiene.

Joel and his Dad packing up this morning ready for departure to Moz. His dad Kurt had been here visiting him from Switzerland, but instead of holidaying together, spent their time flying together in Moz.

Dean & Kaylene.

For the Mercy Air team.

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