10 October 2016

Update 10th October 16

A brief update on what's happening in the Zambezi delta where we work with our YWAM partners from Marromeu and Nensa.

Tizoneca Domingos a 13 year old boy from Luawe, had his Achilles tendon cut in an accident and was consequently flown to Marromeu hospital with the helicopter during our previous outreach in September. This time around the YWAM and government hospital crew found Tizoneca back in Luawe, his wound had healed significantly but recently picked up an infection. Eliseu and Leanna cleaned his wound once again at the mobile clinic on Thursday. It's so good to be able to do recurring outreaches in the delta area again!

This time we visited some particularly small and remote places like Kuma and Palani, where mainly medical consults, child care and many malaria tests were conducted. Some of these people hadn't seen us in over a year and started dancing of sheer joy when we flew in the medical crews.

Leanna is supervising two YWAM staff members (Eliseu and Sarah) who are treating two identical wounds. Strangely these people both had open wounds and sores just above their ankles.

The education classes (here in Bumbane) were eagerly awaited and joined by young and old.

Furthermore the YWAM evangelist team is reaching out and focusing on the communities of Rampa and Malcholo during these two weeks. People from other villages nearby travel to hear the good news and join bible studies.

My thanks go to God for the opportunities he gives us with YWAM in the Delta and to all of you in whatever capacity you are working for Mercy Air at the moment.

Thank you.

in Marromeu

for the Mercy Air team.

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