28 August 2016

Update 28th August 2016

The heli is all back together and flying again after major engine maintenance. All went well.

We plan to leave Wednesday to go to Moz for our first outreach up to the Zambezi for nearly 11 months! Flight permit is promised.

Last week one of the HIV teenage girls that Kaylene Cand Cathy & Jaqui) have been looking after passed away. Heart breaking stories of their lives.

Kaylene and 14 year old Ayanda (with advanced AIDS) doing puzzles together in hospital. Ayanda recovered from a chest infection and odema to return home. Sadly, she was re-admitted 2 weeks later and passed away. When you become involved in someone’s life, death rates from AIDS are no longer just statistics.
Our heli engine in bits . . .  Hyne – The Turbomeca technician from Joburg - figuring out the puzzle.
. . . and everything back together again (and no bits left over!).
 Thank you.

Dean and Kaylene for the Mercy Air team.

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