29 August 2016

Vhembe Outreach

For well over a year, Love Trust (http://www.lovetrust.co.za) in partnership with Flying4Life (http://www.flyingforlife.co.za) has been involved in providing ECD (Early Childhood Development) training to 11 preschool workers.

The last week of each month, a small team travels up to the Vhembe district in northern Limpopo to teach and evaluate the participants.

Mercy Air has recently become involved by flying the facilitator and field worker from Pretoria to the remote Tshikondeni mine airstrip (turning a 6 hour drive into a 1.5 hr flight).
Rather than fly back to White River, I stay with the small team throughout the week, to assist as driver and handyman.
When I fly to northern Limpopo, I have the privilege of visiting eight preschools. A few Churches have come alongside some of the preschools to add improvements such as playgrounds or shaded areas.

Some preschools still have little to nothing.
While the field workers evaluate the preschool teachers' lesson.
I can make repairs and improvements at their pre-school.

Door handles need installing.
Many of the swings are broken. (I wonder how far the kid flew, when this link broke.)

So I fix or replace them.
Toys need repairing.
I installed the first playground equipment at some preschools. Just some basic swings.
Of course there has to be some time to play with the kids.

While in the land of Baobab trees, I just had to go see “The Big Tree”. Which does live up to it’s name.
The week flies by. Saturday, it’s time to go home.
On the ground in Pretoria , I brought the small team and their luggage to their car and picked up four boxes of audio Bibles to take to Mercy Air, White River.
The audio Bibles were flown out the following day, up to northern Mozambique.
Thank you.

Azarja for the Mercy Air team.

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