11 October 2015

Bush Audiology

During the week of 5 - 9 October, Mercy Air partnered with Kind2Hearing (represented by Jane and Chrizelle and In His Name Ministries (Roger and Katy Pacholca) to perform hearing tests on 180 children and some adults at ASAM in Chimoio, Mozambique. With funds raised by the Pacholkas we took hearing aids out to be fitted to those who needed them. It was a great success and many little ears will hear now.

Here Chrizelle is attending to one of the workers at ASAM.

Kind2Hearing and In His Name Ministries team
Jane is assessing audio response with her specialised testing equipment. We found a high percentage of the children had severe ear infections. Roger was able to supply anti-biotics which will, quite possibly be all that is needed for some to regain their full hearing.
The kids were asked to clap when they heard the beeping noise in the headphones
Tomei got his hearing checked... its a miracle its not worse than it is! (He runs our maize mill and we repeatedly find him without his ear protection on... and trust me... its a LOUD machine)
This snazzy tool helps remove excess wax from ears- this little girl's one ear was almost completely blocked!
One of the older boys is in need of hearing aids in both ears - here a mold is being made of his ear. He's a bit of a 'character' but perhaps being able to hear better will help him!
After watching dozens of kids do this for two full days Heather was apparently not clear on the process, so she had a go herself. She apparently had a bit of hearing loss and will need to keep an eye on that ... not bad, but just enough to take note.
A total of 180 children and some adults were screened. We found 25 children with severe hearing loss, of which 18 had bad ear infections.

The team: Jane, Chrizelle, Katy and Roger, standing outside the clinic at Mucombeze that is run by ASAM.  Mercy Air has enjoyed a long relationship with ASAM, working together to the glory of God.
Thank you

Mercy Air team

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