24 August 2015

ASAM Education outreach

Recently Mercy Air flew a team up to ASAM again to continue with the education project.

The aim was to to equip people to teach basic literacy skills who would then equip others in remote villages.

The focus was on teaching colours, numbers and letters. The method started with learning using the body (kinesthetic), then using objects around us and in our environment (3D) and then finally moving to the text book and how to write (2D). The workshops were very hands on and equipped the participants with skills, knowledge, programmes, games and activities to improve their own basic teaching and understanding. It was a great week with an enthusiastic and responsive group of men and women.  We are hopeful it will result in better outcomes for their students and it will be the first of many workshops.
Training the trainers.
Lynne reported:
Last week was fabulous and to me, it was testimony to a good cohesive effort by all. The sessions went so well thanks to you all. Simon infused energy and is so used to interpreting that he did it with ease. Also, the subject was something he wasn't intimidated by but what he's passionate about. Joao coordinated the students and Rutendo. There really was a positive vibe the whole week and it's great to see everyone's interest and enthusiasm. Having Veronica there was an unexpected perk too. Her story reading then the drama added so much and Mozambican flavour which everyone here loves to see.

Colour is often used as a comparison: green = ‘like avocado’. There is a lack of colour language in some dialects.
Learning to teach colour.

Ruth and Lynne
Writing with chalk on the floor

In addition to the education team, Mercy Air also brought a videographer to work with ASAM on a short film about the various aspects of the ministry.
The Mercy Air pilot and aircraft usually stay in Mozambique with the team. 
Azarja Groot, the pilot, spent a few days putting some finishing touches on the auto maintenance shop.
On the final day of the outreach, it was exciting for the team to attend the grand opening of this new maintenance facility.
The facility will be used to provide vocational training, as well as servicing vehicles, both for ASAM and the surrounding community.
Thank you

Mercy Air team

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