04 March 2013

Kodiak Ferry Update 9

Hi All,

I have not been very forthcoming with news over the past few days, but the reason for this, is that our time now is just taken up with a little waiting.

The ferry tank installation was completed on Thursday and the FAA started processing the paperwork on Friday. We used Friday morning to re-pack the plane, get shipping arranged for the seats we are not able to carry and to just have a little rest and relaxation and to get a few more small details in order.
Ron spent the day getting a temporary installation together for our HF radio, which will save us some time and money in Bangor. Today (Sunday) was spent very relaxed, buying a few bits and pieces at Radio Shack for the HF radio and doing some laundry.

We hope to have a final answer from the FAA for the ferry tank installation and set off to Bangor Maine. We also have a pile of paperwork to prepare and process for our entry into Canada, this includes online applications for the aircraft, a permit to fly the aircraft in Canadian airspace with a ferry tank and all kinds of other documentation. Fortunately Ron is familiar with this process and most of it, except the Canadian permit for flying with a ferry tank, is something he has done before. Our plan is to fly to Bangor, Maine tomorrow (Monday) if the weather co-operates and we will need to complete the paperwork preparation for Canada while in Maine.

There does seem to be some kind of Storm brewing in the mid-west and the forecast is for a severe winter storm on the east coast of the USA. We hope we are long gone before that happens.



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  1. Good to have this update. Praying for your long adventurous journey. Keep us posted as you are able.