18 March 2013

Kodiak Ferry Update 12

Right now I am sitting at JFK, wait to board my flight back home. When I arrived, I had not even entertained the idea that I would be sitting. here. In my mind's eye, I saw myself and Ron landing the Kodiak at the farm. Many people have questions as to why this happened and actually want more details.

Well to summarise very simply as we have communicated before, we had delays with the ferry tank approval. When we had verbal confirmation that it would be issued the same day, we set off for Bangor, Maine in anticipation of getting under way at last. The delays started putting Ron's schedule under more and more pressure, but we decided if we could, we would still press on. We were very disappointed to hear that there were further problems with the tank approval, so we decided we did not want to try and waste more time on this route.

We decided to try and re-plan the route through Greenland, Iceland, Scotland and down West Africa. We made initial moves in this direction, but realised that the time pressure for Ron would simply increase, not just because the route was longer, but because it took us further north into winter weather, which would also mean more waiting for suitable weather windows. With this kind of time pressure we were beginning to put ourselves in a position where we would most likely be tempted to compromise on the kind of weather decisions we would make.

Lastly, our budget simply did not go this far, for routing north, we would need an additional $10 000. Other smaller factors like not getting Spidertracks (the satellite flight following service) working and other small details combined to make us consider the decision to postpone this attempt.

We have left the Kodiak at Maine Aero Services in Bangor, Maine, to obtain the ferry tank approval. We expect this would take at least another month, so we have time to re-group and plan again. We also need to raise additional funds to cover the trip later.

The postponement of the trip is very disappointing as we had put a lot of time and effort into making it succeed, but we know that God is never surprised and we trust Him for His timing and provision.


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