25 July 2012

International Helping Hands

The previous blogs activities were interrupted one day as Mercy Air got a call to help someone in Mozambique. It wasn't a medevac as such but they had to return to South Africa for urgent medical treatment and we had less than 24 hours to arrange the permits and clearances.
Fortunately at this time of year the weather is pretty stable and so the actual flight was fairly straightforward although we did need to return from Johannesburg in the dark.

The flight was actually for a Dutch lady working at an orphanage in Marromeu. Accompanying here was a co-worker and one of her adopted children.
The flight was for the lady in the back.
The most direct route took us about 50 nm offshore.
Blue sea and a blue sky and a few clouds to show where the join was.
A long day with over twice the length of the UK flown but only 5 landings.

Mercy Air team

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