25 July 2012

Hospital aid

Mercy Air recently flew a team from the UK who support a particular children's project at a hospital in Durban. They come out to work with another organisation near Nelspruit called Hands @ Work, but take the opportunity to fly to Durban with us because it saves them a two day round trip drive which they otherwise wouldn't have time to do.

Fueling in Nelspruit we parked by an old DC4.
We have done this trip for them three years in a row now.
Our pilot didn't visit the hospital with them but he and his wife spent some time with their son who lives there with his wife.
 So, no dramatic photos of the hospital visit - which apparently went very well, but a few of the flight instead.

 Just before boarding.
Looking forwards...
 ...and backwards. We always think it a compliment when our passengers sleep during the flight.

 The weather at 10000ft on the way was cloudy - but only beneath us.

Mercy Air team.

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