22 January 2012

More progress in Chimoio

Further to the last blog entry, we have received more photos of the hanger construction from our base in Chimoio.
The wall sections going up.  The backhoe is always in the middle of the action.
Connecting the wall sections to the foundation wall with the metal straps which were placed in the cement.You can see them if you look close. The guys put at least 10 screws in each strap to attach them to the columns.

The level in the center of the picture is used a lot. As in flying, straight and level is important.
Ron is running the backhoe, which is a huge asset. We couldn't function without it.
Man power is always a part of the equation. We have had 8 Moz guys helping us all week.
It was a great week and by Friday almost all the wall sections were up. Monday we will be doing the first trusses.  Please pray for safety as they work at height with heavy trusses.

Persis and I are keep the guys fed and in clean clothes and whatever else we can do to help them do the work they are doing.  It's been a pleasure to serve them.

On Sunday we went to an African church service.  It was a special time with lots of singing and great teaching by Joao, who is a Mozambican man and a missionary to the Moz people.  The service lasted two and a half hours but it didn't seem long at all.  

In the afternoon we went to the market to shop in one of the villages near by and this evening we had a braai/barbeque with the rest of the staff here on the mission. Lots of good food and fun, telling stories and laughing together!
Mercy Air team

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