18 January 2012

Chimoio Progress

You may remember that we have built an airstrip at the ASAM/Mercy Air base in Mozambique.
Well a donated hangar recently arrived in Moz from the U.S. by ship. It cleared customs (no small task), then was transported by truck to the mission where it was off-loaded. It then had to be literally dragged along the dirt road from the drop off point by the highway all the way up to the airstrip.
The container with the hangar, being dragged along by the backhoe.

Well, the road probably needed to be graded anyway!

Logs had to be put underneath it so it could roll rather than drag over the bridge.

Hangar construction materials from inside the container had to be unloaded.

Ron Wayner and crew

Then the foundations for the hangar were poured.
A team from the US is now on site putting all the pieces together.
In the meantime, some final grading and work still needs to be done to finish the airstrip.

Mercy Air team

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