28 July 2010

Way up in Moz

We have just returned from a nine day trip taking a Brazilian team to run a conference for between 3-400 pastors in Nampula, Mozambique.
The total distance would get you from London to 300 miles past Moscow which helps explain why they wanted to fly.
Other speakers from the US and Brazil also flew in, and the conference went very well. The team made a documentary whilst there and their aim was to live stream the conference via the web to almost 30000 people around the world, although a cut fibre optic cable a few hundred miles away meant that the internet was down in Moz during their stay.

A number of sessions were run concurrently each day. Some outside under the trees...
and some in the big tent.
Cooking for all the pastors in the evening was an event in itself.
Mercy Air's pilot, Paul, managed to meet up with another pilot friend whilst there and spent a few days flying jump seat with him in an Embraer 120, which was fun and very different from the type of flying he usually does.
Mozambique is very colourful and whilst driving around we saw all sorts - including the local bed salesman.
During a rare moment of spare time in Beira, we went to see an old wreck that we often fly over, a photo of which appeared in the previous blog post.
This Saturday we fly a UK team down to Durban to visit a hospital they help support and the day after we take another team up to Chimoio, Moz again to visit ASAM and the Mercy Air remote base. More blogging about that next week.


Mercy Air team

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  1. Hello, thanks for taking good care of my husband and the Fiel team on their trip to Mozambique last year. I just saw your Video that Diego posted on our Fiel website. Thank you for all you do in the Lord's work. A mission to missions......I like that! I hope to make it one of these years to Moz for our Pastor's Conference. When the children get a little older maybe. I'd love to meet you and your wife. Blessings to you!!