23 June 2010

Mission to missions

We did a quick, short notice flight to Mozambique today to take some spares up for a stranded mission aircraft. Not a whole bunch to report from our side as far as mission flying is concerned, but without the parts the other aircraft was practically grounded, and much needed support to the local community could not happen.

The weather was almost perfect, and the view on the three hour fight up ...

was about as interesting as on the way back.

Boring flights are the best flight, so we won't complain.

We did see one interesting thing though. Call us thick but we thought ships were supposed to avoid lighthouses, not aim for them!

On returning to Nelspruit in SA, we parked near a MD83 that had apparently been chartered by a shed load of Australians to take them to various events during the footy world cup and they'd come for tonight's game.

As we write Australia have just beaten Serbia 2:1 so they'll be happy, although they didn't beat them by enough, so they are still out of the World Cup.

We got back just in time to see England edge Slovenia and go through to the second round - which now turns out to be Germany on Sunday. What's the chance of us losing it on penalties after extra time. That's never happened before - again!

Anyway, we're still thankful that today's flying activities could be fruitful, and that we're in a position to be able to help in a positive way.


Mercy Air team

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