15 July 2009

A Testing Time

On Monday morning, two Mercy Air pilots shot off to Johannesburg to renew their instrument ratings.

This is likely the one flight in any given year that you don't really look forward to. Flying with an examiner who puts you through your paces to assess whether you're still capable of flying safely in inclement weather - or not!

The flight had been arranged at short notice (the night before in fact) to fit in with other Mercy Air flights and the examiners schedule, so there wasn't much time to prep for it.

Below is the ground track from the GPS that shows what the test looked like - steep turns left and right, inbound/outbound tracking of radials on and NDB and VOR, and an approach to an airport.

It took the best part of the whole day - in fact we returned to Nelspruit after dark, but the good news is that they both passed, and are legally allowed to fly around with their heads in the clouds for another year.

Mercy Air team

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