14 July 2009

Just when you thought it was safe to wind down for the weekend…

We got a call at 12:00 on Friday asking if we were available to do a medevac out of Mozambique. Our Beech 18 was already in Moz on a mission’s trip but we had the 310 and someone to fly it so yes, I guess we were available.
Half an hour later they called back to say that the flight was on, so we hurriedly prepared the plane to carry a stretcher, after which we set off for the local international airport to fuel up and clear customs and immigration.

First was a quick stop in Maputo for fuel and then a two and a half hour flight to land in Beira just after dark, for more fuel. We had rung up before to verify, but it turns out that had only got fuel in Beira that morning! From there it was another hour up to Quelimane to collect the patient and his parents.
Turns out he had been in a bad car accident and had a complicated compound fracture of his femur (broke his leg – but in a very bad way).
It took a while to load him but at 21:00 we were on our way for the three and a half hour flight back to S.A.
The weather was about as good as it gets for night flying. We landed in SA at half past twelve and met the ambulance and officials.
Again, thank you for your support that makes help like this possible to those who need it.

Mercy Air team

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