24 January 2017

Go North Young Men

For several months one of Mercy Air's hangars has been home to a beautiful Cessna 210 which is operated by the United Methodist Church (U.M.C.) in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
After extensive maintenance here in South Africa, it was time for this workhorse to return to service. But, first the plane needed to be flown back up, across South Africa, Botswana and Zambia. With a full day of flying, fuel stops, paperwork and uncertain weather conditions Rukang (UMC pilot) invited Azarja (one of the Mercy Air pilots) to join him. After an hour delay with paperwork, they were airborne and on their way.
Despite the clouds and isolated thunderstorms which littered their entire route, they did not end up having to divert significantly. The newly installed engine performed flawlessly and they had a good time taking turns flying.
It was great getting to know Rukang better. His passion and commitment to mission aviation are a real treat. With thankful hearts for answered prayers they landed just before sunset in Ndola.
The next day Rukang briefly showed Azarja around town. To his surprise there was a Subway (which had to be checked out)!
In the afternoon Azarja took a commercial flight back to South Africa while Rukang flew the last 45 minute leg back to his home base in D.R.C

Thank you

The Mercy Air team.

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