27 January 2015

Mozambique Flood Relief 2015 - 3

Another note from our Heli pilot in Mozambique:

Dear friends,

Below are a few photos giving a preliminary view of how Mercy Air is using the helicopter to help with the flood relief in Mozambique.

Due to internet limitations here and time available, I can't send more pictures or write explanations at the moment - but that will come. Please ask if  you need specific info for something.

So far, we have been doing survey flights for 'Save the Children' and 'Concern' NGO's in the areas of the
Chire River bordering Moz & Malawi and the Licungo River NE of Quelimane. The Licungo River flows through the town of Mocuba where the river level reportedly rose 12 metres in one day!

It's now two weeks since the major deluge that started this, so water levels have subsided substantially but mud and disaster remains.

'Floods don't just kill people by drowning them. They kill people by destroying crops, which means famine. They kill people by spreading disease. They kill people by washing away homes, possessions and livelihoods, leaving nothing to survive on

This is not just a disaster that will last a few days or weeks until the ground dries up. For many, it will last for years'. (BBC).

Thank you for being part of the team.

Dean & Kaylene


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