13 August 2013

Link 4 Life - Durban

Recently we had our regular visit from the UK based Link 4 Life teams.

In their own words:
"The Link 4 Life Project was started in 2010 by local churches in Great Wyrley & Cheslyn Hay to bring together schools, churches and the wider community to support the work of three Christian charitable organisations in southern Africa. The Project aims to help young people in our local community to broaden their horizons and challenges them to help and support people in need in communities in the south of Africa. The Link 4 Life Project seeks to encourage people from our local neighbourhood to care for and learn from our global neighbours in need. We want to raise awareness and funds for our partner charities and also stay linked with the people they serve. We really do want it to be a Link 4 Life."


They stay at Mercy Air for a few days during which time some of them travel down to Durban to visit the Baby Bear project. The Baby Bear Project supports St Mary's Hospital in Durban, South Africa. Local people in UK communities make knitted clothes for needy newborn babies and they are sent to the hospital.

Will the person delaying the flight to Durban please sort his life out and get on the plane - oh wait, sorry, that's the pilot and he's taking the picture.
In flight entertainment as viewed from economy.
This is as full as the plane gets. At least everyone gets a window seat.
The bonus for the pilot was that while the group visited the hospital, he and his wife got to spend some time with their son, Matthew, who lives in Durban
The weather had built up a bit over Swaziland on the way back.

Thank you.

Mercy Air team.

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