30 April 2013

Watch out the Canadians are here!

We recently flew to Johannesburg International to meet five guests off a flight from Canada. We fly into Joey's once or twice a year so it always makes a interesting change to the type of places we usually go.
Jo'burg Int. traffic jam
Notice how the professionals always taxi on the line. Talking of which, I have noticed that I usually park slightly to the left, but with lines painted this wide even I found it hard to miss.
Towing the line
Us little planes have to park 3 km from the terminal building and a very expensive taxi brings our passengers out to us - eventually.
White waiting it does give you the chance to get close to and take pictures of other proper planes though.
We flew our Canadian guests to White River where they spent some time in the Kruger Park. A few days later we flew them up to Chimoio in Mozambique where they are working with our friends at ASAM for a month.

We had to delay by one day due to some pretty unseasonal weather but... we finally got into the air and on our way to Moz. Apparently some of the passengers found the flight quite exciting...
An interesting photo of the loos in Chimoio airport...
Seems that if you have limited space (or limited pre-planning ability) you can be quite inventive.

Just outside Beira we flew past the old Grande Hotel once apparently one of, if not the most luxurious hotel in Africa. Now there are fully grown trees growing from third floor balconies. Google it and click on images to see before and now pictures - interesting.
For the rest of the flight back  the pilot managed to bag business class - not often that happens.

Thank you.

Mercy Air team

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