27 February 2012

Marromeu Education and Health

This years cyclone season seems to be in full swing and we have had to rearrange and even cancel a few flights. It was with some relief, then, that that we went back up to Marromeu in Mozambique recently with an Education Ministry Team.
The team then drove up to the new YWAM base in Nensa whilst the pilot stayed in Marromeu to help restore a 20 ft container currently being used as a fuel store by the helicopter.

The helicopter went up on the same day and whilst it was flying health and education teams in and out of the Delta, Paul and Philip, a Swiss volunteer, set about sanding and priming the container.
It was 36 deg. on top of the container and 45 deg. inside!
Mercy Air has obtained and fitted out four other containers in South Africa and they will be transported up to Marromeu in the coming weeks. There will be accommodation, kitchen, laundry and ablution facilities for work and mission teams that go up to the area.

The helicopter flew daily into the Delta with the education and health teams.
It took us 20 mins to get to this one place called Luwawe, but it would of taken three days by dug out canoe. You can not drive or walk there!
On the ground at Luwawe.

The end of another hot and tiring day.

Mercy Air team

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