02 August 2011

Quick Trip to Chimoio

The title of this entry is a bit misleading as you can never really have a quick trip to Chimoio. If you drive it takes you at least two full days and even if you fly it's about 3h30. If you fly there and back in a day it requires getting up very early and just making it back before dark. This was the case yesterday.

We flew three Canadian mechanics up to ASAM in Chimoio, the same place Mercy Air is building a remote base. We flew Rick up in March as he was preparing to start a mechanic school and build a workshop to help service the mission vehicles (all on his site at http://mercytechmission.com and his blog at: http://mydustyshoes.blogspot.com/2011/07/leaving-on-jet-plane.html).

This time he went with two friends, Todd and Ed who were also instructors and technicians and they will stay for up to a month. They spent a few days at Mercy Air prior to traveling up, which gave them the chance to do some boy shopping for socket sets, screwdrivers and other tools to equip the workshop. Despite the simplicity of the task, this still took a whole morning!

At the risk of including another, 'here's us on the way up' type photo, what else can we take a pic of to grab your attention and save this being a blog entry full of just words?
So, here's us on the way up!

Mercy Air Team

OK. We wrote this as soon as we got back and now the team have posted some photos on the net, so, we're sure they won't mind if we plagiarise their efforts and include them below.
The boys at Vilanculos, our port of entry into Moz.

Some of the tools and manuals they took up with them.

Their home for the next month and the same tents we usually stay in when we go up there.
The Training Centre well on its way to completion.

The first motor mechanic class in Chimoio.

Putting their new found knowledge into practice.

Mercy Air team

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