25 March 2011

Farmington, Arizona. Tractorville, Mpumalanga.

We might live and operate out of a farm but we don't actually farm the land. We do however lease the land to our neighbour who is a farmer so it does get utilised. We do also have an old tractor which we use for cutting the grass on the runway, and hauling trailer loads of foliage around.
Every now and then it manifests its age and throws a bit of a wobbly, with its most recent bout of illness being to internally disassemble its own clutch. This rendered it unusable and very immobile as we could hardly even tow it to where we needed to fix it.

Fortunately we have a German auto mechanic working with us for six months along with a Dutch pilot/mechanic who is with us for three months. Together they attacked it with all manner of tools and we're hoping that by early next week it will be feeling a lot better.

Mercy Air staff

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