27 January 2011

Dentists without borders - sort of

A Swiss dentist couple have flown with Mercy Air a number of times in recent years. They give up their holiday and fund their own trips in Mozambique into areas where Mercy Air already has mission contacts.
We were due to fly them into the Zambezi delta region but last minute changes in rules required to do medical work in that part of Mozambique meant that another plan had to be made. On top of that, on the day of the flight we found a problem with our Cessna 210 which would take a day to fix so we had to ‘borrow’ another smaller 4 seat aircraft.
Cessna 182
The plan was then, to fly them over Swaziland and back into South Africa and land at a very sandy strip just south of Mozambique, from where they would be picked up and driven across the border to work at a place called Mamoli.
They had a lot of equipment which was a tight fit.... but we squeezed everything in.
It might not look much but all the luggage and three people in that plane, diddn't leave much room for your packed lunch.
Our helicopter will be working in the same area during the next week, after which it will take them up to Maputo, where we will meet them and fly them further north to Chimoio together with a doctor team to do some more medical work.

Mercy Air team

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