07 October 2010

Upcomming busy

Going to be dead busy in the next dew weeks.

Tomorrow (Friday) we're off to Durban with a Swiss group for the week end - coming back on Monday. 5 hrs flying.

Tuesday morning We're off up to Moz to drop a couple of guys off at a mission station in Chimoio and traveling back the same day. 7 hrs flying.

Next Friday we will be part of a building team visiting two mission locations in Moz. One is at Marromeu on the Zambezi and the other in Nacala, on the coast and well up in the north of the country. We will stay for a total of 10 days and do 14 hrs of flying. On the way back we will pick up the two guys we take up to Chimoio next Tuesday.

As always - better busy than bored.


Mercy Air team

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