12 February 2010

Morning Cobra Anyone?

We opened the office door the other morning to catch a glimpse of a medium sized snake slithering along the floor and under a desk. We didn't know exactly what kind it was, but we knew a man who would and so gave him a ring.

He arrived 30 mins later armed with a stick, a cardboard box and a lot of knowledge of how to handle these things.

We rediscovered it in amongst some files and it didn't take him long to coax it out. Turns out it was a Snouted Cobra and quite a bad boy if you get bitten by one. He said he knew of one person who had died 20 mins after having been bitten by one.

We weren't quick enough to get a photo of it, but this is what they look like when they're outside - where they're supposed to be.

Anyway, he was taken away to be released somewhere less threatening, where he could continue his search for frogs and mice.

Mercy Air team

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