18 August 2009

Ministry play time

We would admit that we do get to have a fair amount of fun and last week saw another opportunity for frivolity when Julian and Annie and two of their friends visited us. They are missionaries currently living in Angoche, way up in Mozambique working with the Koti people, but have to leave the country every three months to renew their visas.

This is where Mercy Air really comes in handy for many missionaries as we are an ideal place to stay whilst paperwork, meical visits, vehicles etc are sorted out. We are also in a good area to chill out and partake in some serious R n' R, which can be as refreshing as staying in bed all morning - we're told!

So, we chilled in the evenings, had some meals together, chatted, prayed a little... and then we turned our eyes to the hills.

We have a friend at a church in White River who runs the local adrenalin spot called Induna Adventures, and we arranged with him for a two hour blat around the forests on quad bikes. Considering the lifestyle in Mozambique this was a real opportunity for Julian and Annie to let their heir down.

So, ministry? - of course. Every one needs their battery's charging somehow. Fun? - need we say more!

Mercy Air team

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