24 June 2009

Sugar Water

We have just got back from a ten day missions trip to Zimbabwe and Mozambique with a group from Sugar Creek Baptist Church in Houston, Texas.

We picked them up in Jo’burg and flew them to Bulawayo where they worked with an orphan programe run by African Outreach Ministries. In particular they worked with the ladies who look after the orphans by giving health talks and helping with the food distribution programe.

Then we flew on to Inhambane in Mozambique where they met five more people from another church in Houston. Now, being from Houston, a number of the group knew a thing or two about drilling wells. Enough in fact that some of them were also members of a ministry called Living Water International (www.water.cc) who demonstrate the love of God by providing desperately needed clean water and medical attention in third word countries, and who have sunk over seven thousand wells around the world. They had raised money to get drilling equipment driven in from Maputo and we helped with the drilling of a well in the village of Masavane just south of Inhambane. Whilst the lads did this the ladies gave health promotion talks and in the evenings we showed the Jesus Film to over 400 people on a big screen under the stars at the well site.

Cathy doing a talk to a group of care givers in Bulawayo.
While that was going on the lads played games with the orphans.
Then the food arrived. Each bag weighed 50 Kg.
The group with the food.
Cathy helping to share it out.
Then we flew 3 hours to Vilanculos, Moz. Lots of space in Africa.
And then 1 hour down the coast to Inhambane.
We flew in formation for a while.
Even the drive to the village was a bit of an adventure.
The next day we started helping with the drilling.
And found water at about 36 metres.
Paul went in search of coconuts.
And we had a dedication service on the last day.
And a night baptism in the sea to finish off.


Mercy Air team

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  1. Mickey OCallaghan26 June 2009 at 22:49

    Awesome trip. You guys were a great help. Enjoyed out time together. Praise God for the results. Hope to do it again. Mickey O.