13 May 2009

From bush to clinic

Five years ago we took a team from Times Square Church, New York, to a site south of Inhambane, Moz, where we spent a week clearing an area of land and digging foundations. Two of the only pictures we now have of that are of Ron attacking trees with his chainsaw and one Paul taking a coconut break.

Yesterday we flew a team of eight people representing the various medical donor companies out to the same site where they inspected the clinic and maternity unit that has recently been completed.

From the above photo to the one below - a complete contrast. Doctors for Life and Medical Mission International were the main partners.

Despite its remote location, the clinic has modern facilities - two consulting rooms, a pharmacy and a maternity unit.

One of the doctors attends to a local child.

We saw the sun set over the remoteness of Mozambique on the way back...

And landed in the dark at Maputo to drop the passengers off and refuel before flying back to South Africa.

It was good to go back and see the transformation from what we had experienced five years previously. It bought a sense of completeness having seen the contrast of the finished product, a product that will now give so much more to the community.

Thanks again to those of you who help make things like this possible.

Mercy Air team

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