09 January 2009

Time - Slip Sliding Away

Well there you go, we thought we’d have loads of time to catch up with things over Christmas, including this blog, but it seems life the universe and everything just got in the way.

Not long after we last blogged we took some people to Inhambane on the east coast of Mozambique. (Mozambique actually only has an east coast so that is stating the obvious really – a bit like saying a long necked giraffe). Anyway we were there for a few days with them whilst they sorted some details of a project they were involved in.

At the beginning of December we flew a missionary family to Vilanculos to start a month of missions work. We were due to collect them again tomorrow but three of them got malaria (one of them got it twice) and they actually needed fetching on the 26th December

There have been a number of other flights during December and then a whole run of flights during our two week Christmas shutdown, most of which seemed to involve more than a fair share of inclement weather. One involved going in and out of Jo’burg International which always keeps you on your toes but what should have been less than two and a half hours of flying turned into over four due to the weather, but at least the plane was clean afterwards! Another was a long two days collecting some guys from the SA/Moz border and flying them to Pretoria and back and the last one was a medivac from Mozambique which we have blogged about separately.

So, Christmas came and went but not much rest was had. We hit New Year still running from last year.

Lastly, and the subject of another blog, was a whole week and a half’s planning for a flight that never actually happened. It was delayed till later in January and was supposed to involve taking a load of water purifying chemicals from Malawi to Zimbabwe.

Mercy Air team

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