13 September 2008

The Perfect Romantic Coup

Fly your wife to Mozambique for our anniversary and have a candlelit dinner in the evening.

And that's exactly what happened for one of Mercy Air's pilots, although as you might guess, that was only the tip of the iceberg as far as the story was concerned.

The reason they were actually flying to Mozambique on their anniversary was to take a doctor team to Marromeu on the Zambezi River. The candlelit dinner was courtesy of the fact that the missionaries at whose house they found themselves that night don't have electricity, and candles were the only way to light up the rice, beans, chicken and green veg they had for dinner.

It was apparently still romantic, and a very worthwhile trip. We have flown this group many times before and they had asked Cathy to accompany them as she knows about a lot of things that many doctors from the US haven't even heard of. The missionaries there have been working into the Delta region of the Zambezi for many years. They used to travel three days by dugout canoe to get there, stay a week, and then three days back often traveling at night to catch the tides. Our helicopter does the trip in 20 minutes and so each day it made a number of flights in order to get the doctors and translators to the remote village of Ibo. Paul stayed in Marromeu to fuel the heli each time it returned.
Whilst walking around in Ibo Cathy spotted a two month old baby which had diarrhorea and was severely dehydrated. The mother had died during childbirth and a young girl of 15 was looking after it. The team were able to put up an IV and give antibiotics and the next day the heli bought the baby to a care centre in Marromeu where it will stay until it is strong enough to survive. If this baby had not been seen and treated it would likely of died in a day or two.

The work in the delta is a pressing one. There are huge amounts of people who don't have access to any medical care whatsoever.

It is your prayers and support that help us go back to bring Christ's love to those people in need.

Thank you.

Mercy Air team

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