19 March 2006

Where to plant a church

Hi there. This is just to say thanks to those of you who prayed for us last week, and to tell you a little about our trip.

Pretty much everything went really well. We took three American AOG (Assemblies of God) guys to a number of different places in Moz. They were looking for somewhere to start a new outreach so in each place we went, they/we met with the local people to find out what was already being done and what need there was.

The first place was Inhambane on the coast where we had to cross the estuary in a rather shaky ferry.

We flew up in near perfect weather but that night had 12 hrs of heavy thunder and rain so good timing there!

We traveled by local taxi and then on foot to one village were we were greeted in a very traditional manner by everyone singing us into the main meeting place.

The second place, Cuamba, was inland and almost 5 hrs flying further north (it would probably of taken almost 3 days to drive). While our passengers were having meetings there Paul and Cathy got out with their Brit missionary hosts to visit some mothers in the bush who had malnourished children. The twins shown below were 2 years old and weighed only 6kgs. Another 18 month old child was severely malnourished and needed to be taken to the clinic.

We also visited the local market which was certainly an experience.

Last place was Mocuba, 1 hr south east. The airstrip also seems to be the main thoroughfare in that part of town and we always generate a lot of attention when we go.

Again a good flight followed by a horrendous storm about 2 hrs after landing. We got to see some missionaries here that we had flown for about 2 years ago so it was great to catch up again.

We asked you to pray about the fuel and the good news was that those places that said they had it, actually did, so we were able to fill up without problem.
The one military place we landed at only kept us waiting for an hour whilst they 'confirmed' our landing clearance.
The weather played ball and even though there were storms around, there was enough clear for us to pick a way through.

We met many people and listened to some amazing testimonies of what God is doing in Moz. We heard of a Muslim child that was having fits and the hospital were unable to stop them, the father then took the boy to Christians who prayed for him and the fits stopped. The father and mother said that they would remain Muslims but said that the child could be taught about Christianity and attend church as they had saved his life, they later sent their other kids too!

Thanks again for your prayers and support.

Mercy Air team

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