15 June 2005

Moz Hub Conference

We just got back late last night at the end of ten days in N. Moz.

We took a plane load of people up to N. Moz for a missions conference. Just getting there involved 1400 miles and over seven hours of flying. One of the pilot's wives, Cathy, was part of a medical team we provided to help the missionaries up there.

The conference went very well with up to 60 missionaries attending at times. We saw some old friends and met plenty of new people who we might be able to work with in the future. It took us 7 1/2 hours by plane and can take up to five days for the missionaries to drive. Because of this, the Hub arranged for us to take a number of specialists up with us including a Dentist, Vet, Agricultural bloke, Doctor, Nurses (including Cathy), Hairdresser/beautician (for the ladies!), and a home Schooling adviser. The week also included a Language Acquisition Course to help new missionaries learn the various languages of the numerous 'un-reached people groups'.

Cathy taking someone's blood pressure.

The dentist doing a check up on a mission kid.

One of these landed on Paul's head the same night as he was walking through the compound where we stayed.

Not all fun and games. A Puff Adder Paul trod on one night. He was alive at the time but the application of a big stick soon sorted that out.


Mercy Air team

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