15 November 2003


The last few months have been very busy.

The first trip involved flying a team from Times Square Church in New York to a remote location for a week. We helped them clear an area and dig the foundations for a clinic that a local church were building through an organisation called Doctors for Life.

The second trip was only a one day affair but involved six and a half hours of flying to collect some people who had been working in Moz and take them to Durban to meet up with the rest of their mission team.

The third trip was a nine day one where we again stayed with an American group who were partnering with a church in Pretoria to build a bible school in central Mozambique.
A fairly rough time as we had to camp in the bush with minimal facilities and although the weather was unusually cool the mosquitos were still quite a problem. The trip was split up though by having to fly up to northern Moz for a couple of days to transport some Dutch Lutheran Church guys who were doing research into church planting possibilities.

The first roof trusses go on the Bible School

We have just got back from an 11 day trip taking Dutch Reformed Church members on their annual tour of many mission stations in northern Moz. This last trip amounted to about 4000 miles of flying, enough to get you from London to Moscow and back or from Central America to the north of Canada.

Mercy Air team

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